Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday

At the end of February, my Uncle Richard will be turning 60. He and my Aunt Cheryl, along with my grandparents, were in town last weekend so we all headed up to the Horton's house last Saturday to celebrate. Kristi made yummy enchaladas and Grandma's Italian Cream Cake. We had a great time getting to visit with everyone and playing with the kids. Happy Birthday Uncle Richard!!

 Shelby and Bailey...such cuties
Bailey and Aunt Sherry
 Cade joined the girls for a quick pic
 Bailey showing off her new gap in her front teeth
 Aunt Cheryl with a few of her grandkids

 Jason and Cade
 Grandpa and Ross

 Kristi with Miss Maddie Grace
 Uncle Richard with Shelby

 So precious

Shelby was trying to make Maddie smile for the camera...she wasn't impressed...haha


Kelsey said...

So sad we missed out on the fun! We'll have to get together soon now that we're healthy again.

Jenny said...

That's a great pic of you & the little ones! Foreshadowing..... :)

Anonymous said...

THese are great Kate, thanks for being our party pic girl!! :) Kris