Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Yard" Work

Jason watering

Finished product

Definite improvement in my opinion

One of the benefits of owning a townhouse is that you don't ever have to mess with doing yard work...or so we thought. Jason and I have a small flower bed on each side of our front door. The builders planted a tree on one side, but the other side has been bare. We agreed that when the weather got nicer, we would try to spruce up the other bed so our "curb" appeal (now there's an HGTV term for you) was a little more inviting. Last weekend, we had absolutely gorgeous weather so Jason and I decided to head to Houston garden center and pick out a few plants for our flower bed. It was a much more drawn out process than we were expecting. I think mostly due to the fact that neither of know much about plants, and I kept changing my mind about what I wanted in the bed. Once I finally made up my mind, Jason and I churned up the dirt in the bed, pulled weeds, added new soil, planted the plants, and re-mulched everything. I was very pleased with the results and think it was a definite improvement. Now we will see if we can just keep it all alive and looking as good as it does right now.

Spring Forward

Entry Way table. I removed the red berries I had in the vase for winter and replaced them with huge, colorful Gerber Daisies. They just seem so cheery. I also added a wicker bunny and scattered a few large Easter eggs.

Topiary and bird on top of my new buffet. Doesn't it just feel like spring? Jason totally laughed at me for adding the bird, but I just think he is so cute perched up there.

Our new buffet. I have been searching for a buffet to fit in this spot for several months and never found anything that I was quite happy with. Jason and I found this buffet on sale at Pottery Barn, and I loved it. We had some gift cards to Pottery Barn that we received as wedding gifts and a few I had received from EY so we decided to use them towards this buffet. After applying our gift cards it was practically free! The best kind of furniture. I just love it and was so glad I was patient until I found exactly what I wanted.

My precious little bunny hanging out in the center of our kitchen table. I just love the expression on his face. I found this little guy at Marshall's right when their spring stuff first came out.

I changed out the stuff in my apothecary jar, added some Spanish moss and fake eggs around and called it a day for the center of our coffee table. I also put some Sweet tart jelly beans in a bowl. They may or may not already be gone. These are the only kind of jelly beans I like, and I have only been able to find them around Easter each year. The only problem with them is that they never last very long once I get them home.

Despite the fact that you lose an hour of sleep, I just love daylight savings time. I love that it is still light outside when I get off work. I love that it means the weather is getting warmer, and I love that it means that it is one season closer to my favorite time of year...SUMMER! I also love that you get to put the winter decorations away and bring out the spring decor. I didn't do alot to the house, but the few things I did just made me feel so refreshed and ready for the new season (if Houston is even considered to have real seasons). Happy Spring!

Rodeo Houston

Singin' "Big, Green Tractor"

"Amarillo Sky"

Melissa and Me watchin' the rodeo

Thanks Melissa for the awesome seats!! Such good friends. :)

Andee, Melissa, and Me

March in Houston means rodeo, and rodeo means bad-for-you food, animals, bull-riding, boots, and great concerts. I have missed out on the rodeo the last several years since I was always working in Beaumont during March when I was at E&Y. This year Melissa got some great tickets to Jason Aldean. We went on a Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the rodeo and concert. Jason Aldean was fantastic, and we had a great time hanging out and listening to good music. Who doesn't love any excuse to bust out their cute boots and pretend to be a cowgirl?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover


Before- As you can see, everything was just piled on the floor and getting out of control.

After- Jason and I bought an unfinished cabinet and stained it ourselves and hung it above the sink. It provided the perfect amount of storage for our tools that we keep in the house, paper towels, etc.

After- We also hung a shelf that we stained the same color as the cabinet and put all of the laundry supplies on it and a cute little sign. I also added a rug to make it feel a little more "homey". Jason laughs that I even want the laundry room to look "cute", but in the end we were both happy with the result. It is much more clean and functional now.