Thursday, February 18, 2016

18 Months--LDM

On January 13th, Lila  turned 18 months old. She is a super spunky girl who throws caution to the wind and has a smile that will light up a room.
Height: 33" (~79th percentile)
Weight: 26lbs 8.5oz (~88th percentile)
Head: 18.25" (~50th percentile)

At 18 months, Lila.....
- is wearing 18-24 month clothes and jammies.
- is wearing a size 4 diaper, but we will switch her to a 5 as soon as we use up the rest of the 4's.
- is wearing a size 5 shoe and LOVES her shoes just like her big sister.
- drinks her milk out of a cup during the day but still takes a bottle before bed.  She will drink her milk cold out of a cup but will only drink it from her bottle warm.
- eats 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. She loves fruit (blueberries are her favorite), but veggies are very hit or miss.....mostly miss.  As soon as she walks in the door from school, she knows it is dinner time and starts demanding "snack!"
- RUNS everywhere and has so fear.  She loves to slide down the biggest slides (sometimes even head first) and wants to do EVERYTHING Addie does.
-Still does so well at school.  She never cries when I drop her at school. 
-Can point out all her body parts.  She knows eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, hands, feet and belly.
- Is talking all the time.  Her vocabulary is growing each and every day.
- Can point out all the animals in her books and makes the sounds for most of them as well.
- LOVES peacocks.  She loves going on walks to find the peacocks in our neighborhood and requests her book that has a peacock in it all the time. 
-is so loving and gives lots of hugs and big open mouthed kisses.
- is busy busy busy. She is constantly on the move. 
-She likes to read books but can hardly sit still for the whole thing.
- She has loved her Noah's Ark toy she got for Christmas and will actually sit still to play with that for about 5 minutes at a time.  A record for her sitting still.
- Loves playing with her sister.  She follows Ad everywhere and wants to do everything she is doing.
-LOVES the swing, her new slide and being outside. 
- Has learned to throw a little fit when she doesn't get her way.  We are working on that one.
- Sleeps from 7:45-8pm to somewhere in the range of 5:45-6:45am and takes about a 45 minute to an hour afternoon nap per day.  She loves going to bed at night.  As soon as her bath is over she gets so excited and starts chanting night-night.
- has a smile that can light up the room. 
Lila, you keep us so busy and make us laugh all the time.  Your sweet dimples just melt my heart.  You ADORE your sister, and we are all blessed you are part of our family.  I love you more than you will ever be able to imagine baby girl. 

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