Monday, April 27, 2015

Easter in Harlingen

Since grandma's funeral was the weekend before Easter and everyone was in town, we decided to celebrate early.  Grandma always loved having all the family together so it was great to be able to celebrate her all weekend long with the fam.  I will just let the gobs of pictures do the rest of the talking.

My parents rented a bounce house for the weekend to keep all the kids entertained.  Addie thought this was the best thing EVER and had an absolute ball in there all weekend.

Because Easter and Christmas aren't Easter and Christmas without Grandma's homemade sugar cookies, Addie and I made these for the family to enjoy Saturday afternoon.

Mom revamped her centerpieces with some Easter bunnies for Saturday afternoon.

The weather was perfect, and the kids (and adults) had a blast playing outdoors.

All of Grandma's great-grandbabies getting ready to hunt Easter eggs.

Britt and Hayes

Jason and Lila

A rare pic of me with my littlest girl.

The kids were divided into teams and had to find the eggs with their team letter.  Each egg had a puzzle piece, and the first team to get their entire puzzle put together won a prize.

Grandpa and Dad

Dad told the Easter story with resurrection eggs in the front yard.  All the kids listened so well.

We then hid over 500 eggs for the littles to find.

Papaw and Ad hunting eggs

Shelby found the golden egg hidden in Grandpa's shirt pocket.

Grandpa with my girls

Mimi and her girls
Claudia Farr was kind enough to come over and take a few quick pics of the family since we had everyone in town.  I really love these pics!

The whole crazy clan

The grandkids

Sunday morning we woke up, and my mom had Easter baskets for the girls. 

We all headed to church before making the drive back to Houston.

Harvesting a few things from Papaw's garden for mama to take back to Houston.

We had a fantastic weekend celebrating the life of one of my very favorite women.  I can't say enough good things about my grandma.  Despite the circumstances, we had a wonderful trip and enjoyed seeing all the family.  

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