Friday, April 24, 2015

Celebrating Grandma's Life

On my grandma's 90th birthday, we had her funeral, and it truly was a celebration of her life.  Tons of people showed up which was a real testament of how many people she impacted over her life.  My grandma had planned a few things that she wanted included in her funeral.  She picked a poem that was printed on the program, chose a few scriptures to be read and asked my Dad to speak.  Her advice to him was to "keep it light", and he did a fantastic job speaking about his mom.  Uncle Wayne and Aunt Susan did the music, and Uncle Mark put together one of his famous slide shows of her life.  The whole thing was beautiful.

The oldest grandchild from each family spoke at the funeral.  The below is what I said so I will be able to remember one day.

Although I inherited my love for being in the kitchen from my grandma, I definitely got my tears from grandpa so you may have to bear with me as I read this.  I have so many fantastic memories of grandma over the years.  From summers spent at the beach, to holidays at their house on the farm, to seeing her and grandpa in the stands at my basketball games, she was always present in my life.  I will forever cherish seeing her on the front pew at my wedding and introducing her to my daughters.  But it wasn’t just life’s big events, it was the countless games of penny penny we played on her stairs or the fact that she kept the can of marbles to play with in the downstairs closet.  It was the Christmas cards she hung on her door and finding her lost diamond ring under the guest bed at her house.  It was the hermit crab races we had on the balcony, the fishing on the pier and the hours spent playing rummikub at the condo at the beach.  It was the countless meals we ate around her table that always started with the same prayer…..Come Lord Jesus be our guest and let these guests to us be blessed…amen.  I know life will never be the same without her in it, but I am so very proud of the life she lived and the legacy she has left behind.  She was one of the most hard-working people I have ever known and most definitely passed down that attribute to her children.  I know I will never be able to eat a homemade cinnamon roll or Christmas cookie or have a bite of squash casserole or so many other dishes without thinking of her.  She had a way of making an elaborate meal look effortless and make guests feel welcome at her table.  I could honestly go on and on about all the amazing characteristics that grandma possessed or all the things she has taught me, but I want to just keep this short and say that our family loved her more than words, and she will be greatly missed.  Grandma was never one that liked to be fussed over so I will end by saying, she has taught me to work hard, play hard, love hard and to always have a little "hot money".  Happy Birthday Grandma!

After the funeral, we had a reception in the church gym with drinks and cookies.

Addie was in love with the cookie table.

After the reception at the church, all the family gathered at my parents house for dinner.  So many people were so generous giving flowers, food and desserts.  It was a special time with all the extended family despite the circumstances.

Mom had all the tables outside set up so cute

Some of my mom's friends from church came over to serve the food to the family and help my mom clean everything up.  They were such angels, and I so appreciate everything they did for the family that night.  They were true blessings!

Emily snuggling her niece Charlotte

Lila eating dinner

Britt's parents drove down for the funeral and joined us for dinner

Keith and Cohen

Rachel and Evie

Uncle Mark and Aunt Ann.....I love this pic of these two

Tyler, Bailey and Cooper

Grandpa with his kiddos

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