Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter weekend this year.  I had Good Friday off of work so Addie and I headed up to The Woodlands that morning so I could have a much-needed hair appointment while Jason worked in the morning.  When he got off work, he met us in The Woodlands, and we all headed up the lake.  When we arrived, the boys boiled crawfish, and we all hung out on the deck listening to music, eating and enjoying the wonderful weather.  It was a great evening.  Saturday was more of the same.  Jackson and Addie had several warm-up rounds of egg hunting, we dyed Easter eggs and decorated sugar cookies that Deanna had made.  It was such a great day with family and so nice to just be able to hang out and relax after several weeks of crazy at work.  Saturday evening, we headed back to Houston so we could attend church Sunday morning and just relax at home.  It was a fantastic weekend of family and celebrating the resurection of our Savior.

Addie scoping out the crawfish

Doing a little fishing on the boat house

She LOVED hunting eggs all weekend

Jackson was so cute and would help hide her eggs and then escort her around the yard hunting them.  Addie was in heaven getting to play with him.

This pic is out of order, but this was her with her puppy backpack heading out for the weekend.  She is starting to look so grown up.  :(

Decorating cookies

Dying eggs

Relaxin' on the porch

The Easter bunny brought Ad some treats on Sunday morning.  Her favorite was her animal puzzle that makes the animal sounds when you put the pieces in.  She has already gotten a ton of miles out of that gift.  Worth every penny Easter bunny.

My baby girl all dressed and ready for church

I am dying over the cuteness of this picture.  This may just be my favorite picture of her to date.  I love this girl more than I ever thought possible.

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