Thursday, February 6, 2014

18 Months!

On February 2nd, Addison turned 18 months old. She has grown and learned sooo much since my last update.

Height:  33.5" (~93%)
Weight:  27lbs 6oz (~94%)
Head:  19" (~93%)

At 18 months, Addison.....
- is wearing 18 month clothes and jammies.
- is wearing a size 4 diaper and a size 4 night-time diaper.
- is wearing a size 5 shoe and still LOVES wearing her shoes. She tries to put them on herself all the time.  Her favorites are by far her rain boots she got for Christmas.  She would wear them every day if we let her.
- has 12 teeth (4 front top, 4 front bottom and 4 molars).
-her hair is finally growing.  Maybe by the next post, we will be able to pull it up.  :)  She loves to try to brush her hair herself and gets so excited when we tell her how pretty it is.
- drinks her milk out of a cup during the day but still takes a bottle before bed.  I am sure we will be in trouble with the doctor for that one.
- eats 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. She is still a pretty good eater.  She has become slightly more picky and hasn't been too into anything with meat lately, but she loves fruit and veggies.  Her favorite thing is whatever is on mommy's plate. 
- understands soooo much. She understands most things we tell her to do and follows instructions well (for an 18 month old) She still points to things and says "that?" when she wants us to tell her what something is. She is trying to learn so much.
- is starting to talk quite a bit. She says Mom-E, Dad-E, pup-E (all with lots of emphasis), bye-bye, no-no (and shakes her head yes or no when you ask her questions), Nana, Papaw, Mimi, more, yea, uh oh, baby, ball, hi, WOW (with lots of emphasis) and prob a few more I am forgetting. She can moo for the cow, neigh for the horse, bark for the dog, roar for the bear and lion, baa for the sheep, hoooo for the owl, whistles for birds, does signs for the alligator and elephant and holds her nose for the pig.
-gives lots of hugs and kisses.  She gives closed-mouth kisses now and blows kisses very dramatically.
- still LOVES dogs. She says pup-E at least 25 times a day.  She also gets very excited to see birds flying around.
- is busy busy busy. She is constantly on the move. 
-loves going to school and loves to go bye bye.  Every morning when we ask if she is ready to go play with her friends, she shakes her head yes, grabs her shoes and starts running for the door.  It makes it so much easier dropping her off each day knowing she loves it so much.
-loves to play outside.  She begs for us to push her in her swing outside and to take rides in her wagon she got for Christmas.  We like to take walks around the neighborhood in search of puppies.
-She LOVES to read lots and lots of books. They are always her go to entertainment.
-She has gotten into watching a few cartoons now and will actually sit and pay attention to the entire thing.  Her favorite by far is Callie the Sheriff.
- Sleeps from about 8pm to somewhere in the range of 6:30-7:30am all in her crib.....a huge accomplishment for us.  She usually wakes up at least 1-2 times per night still but puts herself back to sleep.  She takes anywhere from a 45 minute to an hour and a half afternoon nap per day. She is not a huge napper but stays happy throughout the day so I think she just doesn't require a ton of sleep.  When we are at home, we put her in her crib with a few books, and she "reads" for a while and then puts herself to sleep.

Addison, I am loving this age so much.  You understand so much and know when you are being funny.  You interact with us so well, and we have so much fun with you.  Your mommy and daddy love you to pieces baby girl. 

Playin' dress up in her high heels

Watching her morning dose of Callie

Saturday afternoon at the park

There are no words for this kind of cuteness


MiMi said...

MiMi LOVES this baby girl.

Lola said...

I was reading Chelsea's blog and saw your blog on her side menu. I clicked it because it said 16 weeks pregnant, and I'm 16 weeks today! Always fun following mom blogs that are in the same stage as you are, right? Also, your daughter's hair is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!