Monday, February 10, 2014

16 weeks!

16 weeks

In an attempt to not have the second baby feel slighted with just a picture of the first ultrasound in his/her baby book and nothing else, I am going to try to post a montly update about this pregnancy like I did with Addie.
The above picture was taken at 16 weeks (at the end of the day which makes a difference in the size of my belly these days).  I am feeling great and have started feeling the baby move from time to time which is awesome.  I am still wearing my regular clothes and hoping my belly can hold on til I can rescue my maternity pants from storage.  Just like with Addie, brushing my teeth still makes me feel sick, but that is really the only symptom I have to complain about so not too bad in my book.  This pregnancy is going soooo much faster than last time, mostly due to the fact that Addie keeps us on our toes and life is just busy.  I don't have time to lie on the couch after work and just dream about the nursery and all things baby.  Time is a commodity that is much more scarce in our current world.
Despite not having the time to sit around and dream about baby, Jason and I are getting so excited about this little surprise.  We find out on Valentine's Day whether Addie will have a little brother or sister.  I would honestly be thrilled either way.  We would love to have a boy to have the experience of one of each, but part of me is dying for Addie to have sister since I never had one.  Either way, we just can't wait to find out.  I keep thinking girl, but in full disclosure, I was wrong with Addison.  Any guesses??? 

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ChelseaSalomone said...

You look adorable and I just love that top! I can't wait to hear what you're having. For some reason I kind of think boy but we'll see Friday!!!