Saturday, January 4, 2014

November Happenings

Bottom line.....November was a complete blur.  My company got bought out by a group of private equity investors and went private causing loads and loads of work for me.  I spent way too many hours at the office and not enough time enjoying life.  I am just glad it is all over and life is returning to our version of normal.  Thanks so much to our family who stepped in big and helped take care of Addie and for my mom who drove all the way to Houston one weekend just to catch me up on laundry and clean my house.  Jason was amazing and stepped up huge playing Mr. Mom way more than he should have during the month.  I couldn't have survived without our wonderful family.  I want to include a few pictures to recap the month and then try to get caught up to present on the blog.

walking in momma's shoes

Running errands with mommy

Just watchin' some morning cartoons while getting ready for the day

Fun at the park

Spending the day with Donna and Jess while mommy worked

Grandpa and Grandma Roberts with some of their grandkids

Deb and Drew came in town one weekend in November.  It was so good to see them.

The gingerbread girl we hung on Addie's door for Christmas

Our mini tree since our Christmas decorations are still in storage

Jason made the outside of our house festive for Christmas

Below are a bunch of pictures from Thanksgiving Day and the one chance we had to try to get a Christmas card pic.  

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