Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Months!

On June 2nd, Addison turned 10 months old.  She is happy as can be and growing like a weed.  I can't believe we are only 2 months out from the big first birthday.
At 10 months, Addison.....
- is wearing mostly 9 month clothes and jammies, but we have started pulling out her twelve month stuff recently.
- is wearing a size 3 diaper.
- is wearing a size 2-3 shoe when she wears shoes although most of the 3's are still pretty big on her.
- still just has 2 bottom teeth.
- takes 4 6oz bottles each day.
- is drinking water really well out of her sippy cups.
- eats 3 meals and 1 snack per day.  She is doing great with finger foods and doesn't want us to feed her unless it is her oatmeal for breakfast or her yogurt.  She is pretty much over pureed food.  She eats lots of steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini.  She also loves cut up bananas.  She eats lots of other fruits and veggies as well and even got to taste her first bite of chick fil a chicken while my parents were babysitting.  We have also given her a few bites of cheese enchalada, refried beans and arroz con carne.  She was very impressed and begging for more.
- got hand, foot and mouth this month.  She wasn't feeling well for a few days but recovered quickly and was back to her busy, happy self.
- went swimming for the first time this month and LOVES the pool.  She has been several times since her swimming debut and has a blast every time.
- spent her first night away from Jason and I this month.  She did awesome with my parents while we were away.
- is clapping for herself all the time and waving bye bye to everyone and everything.
- is babbling sounds (baba, dada and mama) but hasn't associated them to actual things yet.
- is still very clingy to her mama.
- is busy busy busy. It is nearly impossible to change her diaper or clothes. She flips over and is out of there before you can even blink.
-She LOVES to read lots and lots of books.  She starts grunting for the next one as soon as you finish the one you are reading.  It is one of the few times of the day that she will sit still in your lap.
-will walk when you hold her fingers and pulls up and walks around the coffee table on her own. She also pulls up on the couches and can transfer back and forth between the couches and coffee table easily. My parents bought her a push toy, and she can walk all over the house with that thing.
- is starting to try to stand on her own.  She does it for short spurts throughout the day but usually slowly lowers herself to sitting once she realizes she isn't holding on to something. 
- has kind of reverted in the sleeping in her crib department.  She always starts out there but ends up in our bed at least 50% of the time.  We need to start working on getting her back in her crib for the whole night.  She has gotten spoiled with the king-size bed.  haha 

Addison is a busy busy bee and a super sweet baby girl.  Jason and I are totally smitten with her and enjoying this age so much. Happy 10 month birthday baby girl!! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!

Hanging with Jess at Justin's graduation dinner

Love her thighs.

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These Lees said...

Such a sweet age!!

And we totally have that tadpole book, ha!