Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

Since we hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year, I had to wait until the weekend to decorate for Christmas.  I love when the house is is all festive, and I find myself many nights just staring at the Christmas tree while sitting on the couch.  I used all the same stuff as last year (except for my new tree skirt that I LOVE) but just moved things around to make it look different.  I also got lazy kept things low stress by not putting garland on all the stair rails this year.  Jason's mom came over and helped me put the ornaments on the tree.  Isn't decorating so much more fun when people are helping!?!  Overall, I am happy with the results and enjoying being in the Christmas spirit.  Here are some pics below:

Love my little angel in the half bath

I have been looking for a tree skirt I like for 3 years.  My mom found this one for me this year and I just love it!!
Kitchen table
Kitchen buffet
Glitter reindeer
I am in the process of doctoring up this burlap wreat.  I feel like it still needs some ornaments hanging or something.  Just pretend it is beautifully hanging on the front door for now.  :)
I really like that you can see our Christmas tree when coming up the stairs.
Entry table
The netting on my Christmas tree is one of my favorite things.  I found the same netting in ribbon width at the Nutcracker market this year and couldn't pass it up.  It adds so much sparkle to the garland.
Dining table
Dining buffet
I added this cute plate to the dining buffet this year.
Nativity scene on the wet bar.  Nativity scenes make me think of my grandma every time I walk past.
I found this cute Christmas plate at Marshalls the other day when I was out and just couldn't pass it up.  It hasn't found a home yet, but I'm sure it will soon.
Coffee table and one of my most favortite thing about Christmas....the cards!
The stockings are hung.  We have actually had some cold weather lately so have been enjoying our fireplace in the evenings.
Snow men on the media stand

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Cody and Britt said...

Everything looks so great! I'm with you on the whole "just staring at the tree" thing. I definitely do the same thing on a nightly basis.