Monday, December 5, 2011

Car Debacle

In my Thanksgiving post, I failed to mention that Cale's car got stolen over the weekend from our street (yes...totally stinks).  I know I always joke that our neighborhood is "up and coming", but we seriously have not had any problem with car theft (I even asked the police).  We were totally shocked and super confused why anyone would want Cale's super old Jeep Cherokee.  Anyway, this week they called and said that the car was recovered and had been towed to the nearest tow lot for us to pick up.  What an answer to prayer.  Cale got a ride with a friend to Sealy on Sunday, Ross picked him up, and then I picked him up from Ross' house....quite the process.  Anyway, Cale and I headed to the tow lot to get his car.  After further inspection, he found a pocket knife, a hotel key, and several cigerette butts from the thieves inside his car.  Being the experienced investigators that we are, our theory is that they had been using the vehicle to commit other crimes and staying in a hotel between.  We called the police to inform them that they could maybe take some finger prints of the items left in the car before we touched them only to be told that if an officer even decided to show up that they would just throw away the evidence.  Great.  Glad the Houston P.D. is serving the citizens.  The battery was totally dead on the car, so we asked if I could drive back to jump it.  Of course not.  We were informed that we had to push the car out.  So ridiculous.  It was a job, and we were both out of breath when we finished.  We got all the way out and went to jump the car only to find out my jumper cables weren't in my car, and they had stolen Cale's.  Things were beginning to get comical at this point.  We did finally go buy some jumper cables and after charging the car for about 20-30 minutes we got it running.  Long story short, after several hours and a "small" tow fee, he is on his way back to Austin, and we are just grateful he has his car back.

Finally on the straight-away and moving easier.
Sisterly love

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Jenny said...

Ok, I hate to say LOL but.....LOL. Love the pic of you pushing the Jeep. Yay to having the vehicle recovered!!!!!