Monday, April 18, 2011

First Cupcakes and Family

A few weekends ago, the Horton's and the Stocker's hosted a French poodle themed double birthday party for Maddie Grace who turned 1 and Callie who turned 2.  I love both of these little girls and was so excited to celebrate with them.  I took a ton of pictures so without further ado.....

Kelsey and Kristi had everything looking so cute and girlie
 Maddie in her birthday tutu
 Ross and Macie Jane
 Bailey and Shelby put on a fashion show for us.  Look at this cutie...what a ham.

 It's my party and I can cry if I want to....
 Callie, Kelsey, Macie, and Aunt Cheryl
 Kris with her girls

 Macie fell asleep in this awkward hysterical
 Maddie's first cupcake.....think she liked it??
 Callie with her grandpa
 Poor Cade had the stomach flu so he watched Maddie eat her cupcake from the balcony.  He was so kind to pass that stomach virus on to Ross, Shelby, and myself.
 Kim, Aunt Sherry, and Josh
 Kels and I were the designated photographers so this was the one picture we were in.
 Bailey and Shelby with the piñata
 Maddie has already learned that calories don't count on your birthday and helped herself to a second cupcake courtesy of her grandpa.
Even MG had her turn at the piñata

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Kristi Horton said...

Cute glad we got to celebrate together!! Sorry your party favor was a stomach virus, but so glad you came. Love ya, Kristi