Friday, March 11, 2011

More Fun with Photoshop

I am still trying to learn the program and have a long way to go, but below was an attempt to edit a picture of the boathouse a couple different ways.  You can see the differences better if you click on the picture and make it bigger.

Straight from the camera

First attempt--I like this but almost think the colors are too bright??  Makes it look like it was a much brighter day than it really was.

Second attempt--A little better but not as sharp as I wanted.

Third attempt--I think this one is my favorite.  Brightens the colors just a bit and sharpened the picture.

Last attempt--I wanted to try something totally different.  I like the effect on this picture but don't really love it for the boathouse.  I like to be able to see the blue of the water.  The grass just blends into the water with this effect.

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Brittany Johnson said...

You're getting good at this! These pics are great.