Friday, November 19, 2010


Jason's nanny (his great-grandma) is a remarkable woman.  Although I do not know her very well, I have truly enjoyed being around her every time I have seen her and love hearing Jason talk about her.  What I love most is her resilience, independence and zest for life.  She is 92 years old and is a complete riot.  Unfortunately, this year she has been battling cancer.  Despite concerns about undergoing treatment at her age, she has chosen to fight the disease.  She was put in the hospital last weekend, and Jason and I went up to visit her at MD Anderson on Monday night.  We had the best few hours with her.  She was in great spirits, was bossin' us around, and was talking about how cute her male nurse is.  :)  So precious.  She had a 7 hour surgery to remove the cancer on Wednesday, and the doctors feel that everything went well.  Praise the Lord!  I am so thankful that I have gotten to know Jason's nanny.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers as she recovers from surgery and continues to fight this cancer.

 Jason and Nanny- Nov. 15, 2010

Three Generations

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