Thursday, July 7, 2016

May Randoms

The below picture dump is my usual set of pics that round out the month that never made it into a post of their own.

Addie has seen me curl my hair in the mornings before work and was asking to have her hair curled.  I bought some sponge rollers circa 1980's and she slept in them a couple times this month.  She looked so cute with her curls which was a nice change of pace from the never fixed hair she usually prefers.

Sitting in her class with all her friends

A few pieces of Lila's art from school

Ad has turned into such a good little swimmer as long as she has her puddle jumper on.  I love watching her swim all over the pool. 

We pulled a few little carrots out of our garden box to thin them out, and the girls were SO proud of the carrots they grew.

Jason took the TV's off the wall in the garage one Saturday and lined the side wall with old fence posts.  It turned out really looking good and upped the cool factor of his garage.

Lila wants to do EVERYTHING that Addie does so as soon as she went in the other room, Lila dashed into Addie's room to put her boots on.  Silly girl.

Silly sisters

We have been doing lots of grilling this summer.  These were our attempt at Mexican corn, and they turned out so delicious.

Playing raccoon rumpus

Deanna picked the girls up from school one day and took them to Jackson's baseball game. 

Soooo tired

Lila's first kiss!!  Gray gray is Lila's best friend  at school and she talks about him ALL the time.

Fun weekend playing at the lake

Always sleeping with her "friends"

Snuggled in bed next to Mama at the lake

Because who doesn't like to play with bunny masks in the summer??

If 1 paci is good, 2 must be better

Cousin play time!

The girls had a sticker book that had animal eyes, and they thought this was so hilarious.

Dragonfly for my animal lover

Everyone asleep in our bed except for mama

Caught red handed

Because coloring all over yourself with marker sounds like a better idea before mom and dad find out

Sponge rollers before....

Sponge rollers after
My beautiful 1st born girl.  I couldn't love her more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The Houston zoo has a dinosaur exhibit this summer, and we knew the girls would love it.  One weekend, we loaded up the kids and headed out to the zoo with the Rohlings.  We had a blast seeing animals and went through the dinosaurs twice.  It was a great day with our friends.  Brace yourself for about 100 dinosaur pics below: