Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Under the Sea

Lesley and I were in charge of the Starfish class' end of year party this year.  We decided to do an "Under the Sea" theme, and I thought everything turned out really cute.  The kiddos had a blast, and it was a great way to celebrate a successful school year. 

I was in charge of all the food so the night before the party, Ad stayed up late and helped me assemble everything.  She sorted all the M&M's by color for the fish cupcakes.

We strung grapes on skewers to look like seaweed

Our tray for the sandwiches

She even helped me make all the sandwiches.  She was so proud to get to help put everything together.

Last day of PK3.

Drink and cupcake station

Ad's classroom door set the theme for the party

Food table

We used this sea scape to take pics of the kiddos

Lesley put together some goodie bags for the kids, and I brought them a blow up fish and fish straw to use at the party.

Sea themed food

The school had a snow cone truck come that morning.

Addie loving on her best bud Wyatt.

These two are just peas in a pod and so precious together.

She had about 1 bite and decided she didn't want her snow cone.

My girl and I on her last day of school.

Yummy (and cute) lunch.

They each decorated cupcakes to look like fish.

Testing out some of the goods from her goodie bag.

The starfish class

Ms. Ariel, Ad and Mrs. Jeannie

Ad received the Animal Enthusiast anyone surprised?

Starfish art

I thought this was so cute and loved that she even gave herself red hair.  :)

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