Thursday, October 16, 2014

Columbus Day

Addie and Lila's school was closed for Columbus Day on Monday and since Jason was out of town and I felt bad taking vacation on my second week back to work, Deanna kindly volunteered to keep the girls since the bank was also closed.  From the stories and pictures, it looks like the girls had such a fun day with their Nana.  She took them to Build a Bear, and Addie build herself a puppy.  She was telling me all about how she gave the puppy a bath and picked out the heart to put inside, etc.  She was so proud of her puppy and has been putting it to bed in its puppy bed each night.  They ate lunch at chick fil a and then rode the train at the mall.  Ad just thought it was the best day ever.  Thanks Nana!

Giving puppy a bath


They also visited the American Girl store

Apparently she remembered sharing an ice cream cone with me last weekend bc Deanna said she kept saying she wanted to lick the ice cream rather than use her spoon.  haha

Waving to the mall patrons

Miss Lila slept through the whole mall experience but she definitely looked cute doing it.

Playing at the mall playground

Selfie with Nana

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