Sunday, September 26, 2010

House of Blues

Last Tuesday, Jason and I went to the House of Blues to see OAR with some friends.  We both love the band and have been to see them every time they have come to Houston since we have been dating.  We danced, sang, and had a great time.  Jason loved the opening band...The Dirty Heads, and OAR played for a really long time.  We ended up not getting home til after midnight which is WAY too late for us for a Tuesday.  Needless to say, it was tough getting up for work on Wednesday but still worth the night out.
 Lani, Jenn, Neal, Jason, and Me

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"I Do"

Last weekend Jason and I attended a wedding for our friends Michael Simmons and Elizabeth Goicoechea.  They had a beautiful reception at the Crystal ballroom of the Rice hotel in downtown Houston.  I think their flowers were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen.  They had an amazing dinner...a Gorgonzola salad with candied walnuts, steak, a crab cake, veggies, and mashed potatoes.  Everything was delicious.  We also enjoyed a live band that played great wedding music.  Despite Jason having to miss the Tech/Texas game on TV, we had a fantastic time getting to hang out with good friends.  Congrats to the Simmons!!

 Picture of the ballroom.  Look at all the gorgeous flower arrangements.  They were all white hydrangeas, roses, calalilies, etc.  Seriously stunning.
 Liz and I
 Jason and I
 Jason and Ryan (aka "Goat")
Close-up of one of the flower arrangements.  The little white flowers on the top were all hand-glued to the curly willow in the vases.  Really beautiful and so detailed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bump, Set, Spike

A few weeks ago, Jason and I started playing in a co-ed sand volleyball league with some couple friends.  It is just the beginning of the season, but we are having alot of fun so far.  It is supposed to just be for fun, but Jason and I's competitive nature usually shines through.  It isn't fun for us unless we win.  :)  Despite our lack of experience, we have put forth a pretty decent showing so far.  The pic below is from our first game.  We have 8 people on our team, but only 5 of us could make it that night so we played with one short....and still won.  woohoo!!

Jason, Nick, Katy, Me, and Monica...aka The Heights Crew

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Jason and I had a relaxing Labor Day weekend filled with a night at the movies, shopping for me, LOTS of football for Jason, and celebrating Shelby's 3 year-old birthday.  Overall, it was just what the doctor ordered and really nice to not have the entire weekend planned. out.  Enjoy some pics of Shelby's birthday party below.

Uncle Richard and Aunt Cheryl trying to get a Christmas picture with all of their grandkids.

Kelsey (with Macie due in December) and Callie

Ross and Kim with their birthday girl

Aunt Sherry, Grandma, Uncle Richard, and Maddie

Cody and Jason taking a turn in the bouncy house

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Weeks Notice-Round 2

I never thought I would be writing another post like this so soon but here goes nothin'.  As most of you know, I took a senior financial reporting role at RRI Energy 10 months ago.  Although I was not looking for another job, one just kind of fell in my lap.  Over Memorial weekend, I ran into my senior manager from Ernst & Young at Kroger.  She actually left EY a few months before I did and took the Assistant Controller position at BMC software.  We chatted for a few minutes about both of our new jobs, etc. and went about our shopping.  A few weeks ago, she called me and said that she had a position open up in her financial reporting group and wanted me to go work with her.  I was excited about the prospect of getting to work with her again since I really enjoyed working for her at EY.  We talked about the position and what it would entail, and I met the director that works under her.  Everything just seemed to fall in place.  In general, I will be doing the same job I am doing now but with some added responsibilities.  Although it will most likely be an increase in hours and workload, I am really looking forward to the new challenge.  Jason and I are both really excited about this change and feel like it was God's plan for us at this stage in our life.  I just don't believe that it was coincidence that we were both at Kroger at the same time and that a few months later this position opened up.  My last day at RRI will be September 13th, and I start at BMC the very next day.  We are praying for a smooth transition and that this job will be a great fit for the two of us.