Thursday, August 4, 2016

Beach Pics

Our last night at the beach, we got the kids dressed after their baths and took them back down to the beach for a few pictures.  I am by no means a photographer and don't edit my pictures, but I love these sweet faces and these 3 kiddos so much.  I really wanted to remember them each at these ages on this trip.  Taking pictures of three kids is HARD.  There were a few tears and a few tantrums (mostly from the kids), but in the end, we got a few sweet pics in the 15 minutes we spent taking pictures.  #worthit

Beach Trip 2016

The first week in June, the girls and I headed down to the Valley for our annual trip to the beach and to visit my family.  Our car was loaded down with gear, and both girls did fantastic in the car.  We spent the first half of the week at my parent's house and the second half at the beach.  Jason even got to join us on the weekend this year which was an unexpected bonus since it is always so hard for him to get away from work in June.  We look forward to this trip each year, and it did not disappoint.  Be prepared for the hundreds of pics below that document our trip.

Palm trees!  The first sign of home.

We were dressed and ready for the pool but made a quick pit stop to feed Papaw's cows.

Pool time with Papaw

Grandpa came over for dinner that evening for dinner.  It was so fun to get to see him.

The next morning, we did a little shopping and took the girl's to Chucky Cheese to have pizza and play.

Nap time in Mimi's bed.

My friend Tanya owns a pilates studio in Harlingen, and I have been wanting to go try it forever but have never been able to make it work with our schedule.  Thursday evening, mom kept the girls and Brooke and I went and had a dual reformer session with Tanya.  It was so fun, and Tan was totally in her element.  I loved it!

Friday morning, we woke up bright (well it was actually still dark) and early to head offshore to snapper fish.  Jason was able to join us and had a great first snapper-catching experience.

Fishing with my hubby

My happy place.  The sun rising on the water is one of my very favorite sites in the world.

Ahhhhh....a day on the water.

We caught snapper one after another and had our limit and were back to shore by lunch time.  I would have loved to stay out all day.

First snapper!

Group shot

Yummy yummy

Friday evening we headed into town for dinner at Pepes.  It wouldn't be a trip home without it.  These cousins had the best time together all week.

Saturday morning, we packed our gear and headed to the beach.  We stopped for lunch at Blackbeards before checking into the condo.

Silly bean

Love that smirk

After lunch, we headed to see the sea turtles.  This is always a hit with the girls.
Love this family of mine.  #blessed

The rest of the fam headed to unload our stuff at the condo, and I took Ad to get a hair wrap.  She picked her colors and beads, and they went to town wrapping her hair.  It was so cute for the beach!  She kept it in for the next month before we finally decided to cut it out.

She sat so still.

She got a yellow turtle and an elephant on the very end.  Is anyone surprised she picked animal beads?!?

The next several days were spent at the beach and the pool.  Each morning, we had breakfast and headed to the beach for a few hours to play.  We built sand castles, ran around like crazies, filled holes with water, collected shells, dug up sand augers and crabs and caught little bait fish with nets and let them swim around in this pirate boat my dad brought.  The kids (and adults) had an absolute blast!  After the beach, we headed to the pool to swim before lunch.  After lunch/rest time, we headed back to the beach and repeated the routine until baths/dinner time.  We couldn't have asked for a better trip.

Cutest baby on the block

Life is good with sand and water under your feet.

Mom and I

So glad Jason got to join us this year!

One evening, Jason and I headed out for a kid-free dinner to have an early anniversary celebration.

Sunset on the bay

We ate at Louie's seafood buffet and had a great time.

While we were at dinner, dad took Ad to see the late night fireworks in her jammies.


One day during nap, I headed down to the pool to have an hour or so of uninterrupted reading time.  #bliss

The mock fish tank for the week

Running the fish up to the tank to let them swim

jammie time

I couldn't love her more

Paci on the beach



Popsicles on the balcony

Jason had to head back Sunday but had flowers delivered to the condo on Monday for our anniversary.  It was such a sweet surprise when we walked in from the beach.  We headed back to Harlingen on Tuesday to re-group before the girls and I left Wednesday morning.

Papaw made HUGE bubbles in the back yard for the kids to chase

Thanks Mom and Dad for such an amazing trip!!  We are already looking forward to next year.  We love y'all and all the memories we are making as a family!