Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swimming Lessons

In June, Jason and I decided to sign Addie up for swim lessons at the MAC.  Because she was not 2 yet, the classes were parent/child sessions.  We went on each Saturday in June (with the exception of the weekend we were in Harlingen for Algodon) for 30 minute lessons.  The was a beginner class, and they basically just taught the very basics of kicking and crawling in and out of the pool, etc.  The goal was to get the kiddos used to being in the water and give the parents some things to work on with their kids.  Addie by no means came out a swimmer, but she did enjoy going and getting to be in the water while I got to enjoy some one on one time with my oldest girl before her sister arrived.  Below are some pics from Ad's first lesson: