Wednesday, April 30, 2014

27 weeks!

In an attempt to not completely neglect the documentation of my pregnancy with baby #2, below is a pic of her and I at 27 weeks.  Overall, I am feeling pretty good with just the normal aches and pains that come along with carrying around extra pounds in your belly.  We have started talking about names, but I feel like we haven't made much progress.  :(  Hopefully we will come up with the perfect name soon.  We have started talking to Addie about her baby sister, and she will point and kiss my belly, but I know she has no idea her little world is about to be rocked.  We are excited/nervous about adding a newborn into the mix and can hardly believe we will be a family of 4 soon.  We can't wait to meet you baby girl!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Fun

A few weeks ago, my dad had a dr's appt in Houston so he came in town and stayed the weekend with us.  It was so great to see him and worked out well to have the extra help around bc we had a busy weekend.  Saturday morning, I was helping host a baby shower for Brandi and Jason had a door repair company coming to the house, so my dad took Addie to the neighborhood park to their annual Easter egg hunt.  She doesn't look too thrilled in the pics below, but dad said she had a great time.  She has been super into hunting eggs ever since that morning.
Ready with her basket

Scariest looking Easter bunny ever, but she tolerated it for a pic for Papaw

Loving the swing
Later that afternoon, we stopped by Laura and Harry's house to visit with some of Jason's cousins that were in town from Dallas, then headed back home and grilled a yummy dinner.
Addie with Grandpa George and Grandma O

Blowing kisses

Addie and Hailey
My dad had to head back home Sunday morning.  Addie had the best weekend hanging with her Papaw and asked about him every day for several days after he left.  That afternoon, Jason enjoyed the Sunday Masters in peace while Ad and I loaded up and headed to the Woodlands Children's Museum for Callie's 5th b-day party.  Addie loved all the exhibits and had the best time playing.

Shoveling rice

Playing in the water her little tongue stuck out

Addie, Macie and Callie
It was a busy but definitely fun-filled weekend.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Break 2014

During the last half of my mom's Spring Break, she, my dad and Cale came up and played with Addie while Jason and I had to work.  Addie had the BEST time with her Mimi, Papaw and Uncle Cale, and Jason and I got to enjoy a relaxed routine without having to pack lunches, do morning/evening drop off/pick up and all the other things that come along with the daily grind as working parents.  Addie took a trip to the mall and scored a few pairs of shoes from Dillards, courtesy of her Papaw.  Apparently, she loved having her foot measured and trying on all the shoes.  She also had a big day at the rodeo.  She, of course, loved all the animals and had a blast at the children's exhibits.  Thanks Mom, Dad and Cale for loving on our girl.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


On the day of Addie's spring school pics, we dressed her up, put a cute bow in her hair and sent her to school in anticipation of seeing a super cute result in a few weeks time when the pictures came in.  That afternoon, her teachers mentioned that when they took her in to take her picture, she firmly kept telling them NO and walking back to the door.  When they were about to just give up, her teacher from last year came in and coaxed her into taking just one pic, and this was what we got.......

HAHHA  You win some, you lose some right?  This picture just cracks me up, and it was too good not to post for memories sake. If this picture does say "I told you guys I didn't want to take a picture today", then I don't know what does.  Love our sweet, sassy girl!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Catch-up seems like it has been so long since I've blogged that I don't even know how to catch up.  Life has just gotten in the way, and we have had a ton going on.  After a year of renting and scouring the market for a house, we finally closed on our new home at the end of February.  I will have to post more on that coming up, but we have been busy moving, unpacking, and remodeling our new home.  On top of that, Jason and I have both been insanely busy at work, but enough with the excuses.  I am going to jump back in to the blog world with just a picture dump of our favorite toddler and then attempt to be more on top of my game in keeping up with this little online scrapbook of our life.

Showing Papaw our new house

We attended a baby shower for one of Jason's family friends

A trip to the zoo with our cousins.  Addie LOVED getting to walk with the big girls

Addie with Grandma Bev

Nothing cuter than a freshly bathed baby lovin on her puppy

Our first pony tail   :)