Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feels Like least inside

 Kitchen table
 Dining Table
 Fireplace...I kept it simple and just added some fall garland.
 Media stand.  I just love these wicker pumpkins I found at Target this year.
 Coffee Table...I added some pumpkin potperie and tied an orange ribbon around the ivory candles I already had in this tray.
 I added a pumpkin and some berry garland on the end table in the living room.
 Half bath....I just changed out the stuff in the bowl to warmer colors and stuff this little scarecrow in it.
 Entry table...I change out this arrangement every season.  I leave most of the items in there and just change the color around it.  I just re-used what I did last year in the arrangement.  I also had picked up a big sack of pine cones from Jason's parents lake house that I used in the brown box and scattered in the other arrangements around the house.  I love using the free stuff to decorate.  :)
Wreath that I picked up last year once all the fall stuff went of clearance.  I am excited to finally get to use it.  I don't have a wreath hanger so I just used ribbon and stapled it to the top of our door.